Better than Divas? EXACTLY!

“Better than Divas!”


For the true wrestling fan, the one that understands this, you know what I mean. For the one who is enamored with the WWE Universe 24/7, this term may offend, and of course it will offend. This blog is made to offend some, gain knowledge among others, and to awaken the wrestling fan to a life and a whole new world.


Wednesday evening on Spike TV, one might have witnessed a women’s match on Impact featuring Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim and heard this chant among the New York City crowd. Now granted just slightly over a million watched this past week, but the fact is…this isn’t the first time the crowd has chanted this, nor is it the last. New Yorkers are pretty damn vocal about their love for wrestling and what they like to see. Place them in a building such as the Manhattan Center, and you have a passionate crowd who will let you know what they like, what they don’t like.


Now to the smark who reads this blog, the IWC troll, even the offended WWE Universe member who has had ill will over my blogs thus far, welcome to a harsh dose of reality. The truth is, put on TNA on a Wednesday night for a women’s match, go to an Independent show at a gym or a bingo hall, go to a Shimmer event, Women’s Superstars Uncensored show and there will be a women’s match worth watching. And despite what you may think, they ARE better than the Divas! What…you don’t believe me? Let me bring you up to speed.


-WWE has never, and I mean NEVER seen the women as anything more than eye candy. They had a small opportunity to do something back in the 80s when they aligned with the late Fabulous Moolah and her camp of women, but never really did much with them…remember the women’s tag titles? Didn’t last too long.


-You can bring up the 90s and even the early part of the 2000s but you still wouldn’t get it. Alundra Blayze? The women’s division didn’t have much to offer as soon as she left and when it did get revived what happened? Instead of women who had talent, it was all about who had the bigger chest size, the most sex appeal. Sure, Lita and Trish Stratus were phenominal in the ring but then take a look at who else had talent in that timeframe….Gail Kim? First match there became Women’s Champ, 2 months later lost the belt and floundered in obscurity until she left WWE. Molly Holly? Really great woman with talent, but given ridiculous gimmicks such as a superhero and a bitter snob who wouldn’t go for the divas route herself.


-The last 10 years haven’t been the best either. Mickie James was treated like a joke by your beloved WWE because she had a little bit of weight. Gail Kim was once again misused by this company you feel has the golden touch. And do not get me started on the women with talent. Nattie Neidhart? Tamina Snuka? All women with the talent, all women who have something to showcase, but instead get stuck doing absolutely nothing, other than doing “the job” to Playboy models and women who really have no business being in the business!


Do NOT even get me started on the Bella Twins storyline. It is pure garbage, don’t believe me there either? Look online and you will hear how much it is hated. Yes people are talking, but not in the good sense. More of the “gouge my eyes out with a fork” way. I remember not too long ago I had seen a Divas match on RAW…6-on-6 if I am not mistaken. The match itself was not even under a minute, the women who started the match….ENDED IT! No  tags, no showcasing the women…just filler, a joke, pathetic if you ask me. And an extremely weak finish to it! What is the point of having a women’s division if you aren’t going to use them properly?


WWE gives the women’s wrestling industry a huge hit to the face by insulting the fans, insulting their intelligence, and even moreso making them feel like they do not matter and are just there for filler. But NOW let us look on the other side of the coin…


There are women out there who are talented, women who train hard, wrestle harder. Some of them can give the men a run for their money. Gail Kim, Taryn Terrell, Maidson Rayne, Jessika Havok, The Alpha Female, Veda Scott, Nevaeh Crist, Angelina Love, Brittany Force, MsChif just to name a few. Women who give the crowd what they want, women who give the crowd what they ask for. A true wrestling fan, a passionate wrestling fan, wants just that…wrestling. We don’t care for bra and panty matches, we don’t want to see 90 seconds of flying hairpull faceslams followed by a roll up for a win. We want wrestling, we want women who are willing to make the crowd talk and give them their money’s worth.


So next time you watch your WWE Divas in action…just remember the disaster you are being treated to. WSU, Shimmer, NCW Femme Fatales, just about any Independent promotion out there, even TNA…all truly are better than the Divas Division WWE presents.


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