Too nice?

“You’re too nice of a person”


These words were said to me late last week. Just made me think about it all & laugh a little. A good friend of mine pretty much told me those words. Not because it’s a compliment, but because apparently it’s why most of my relationships have failed. I thought that being the “nice” guy kept relationships going? Made them last long? I must be living in a parrallel universe then lol. Do women really prefer a jerk or a douchebag attitude these days over someone with morals? You got me.


Okay, so these words did make me think of my past relationships. In hindsight, I HIGHLY doubt this was the case. When looking back at a true bulk of them (only ones that were a good 6 months-plus), I have been with a colorful cast of characters it seems, & I use that term “colorful” loosely. My longest relationship ended 8 years ago, when the girl pretty much became the online bicycle inviting anyone & everyone she chatted with to meet up with her & get a ride while I was in college. Got wind of it, got the hell out of Dodge. Definitely wasn’t a case of being the “nice” guy there. I was pretty much a victim of the “trophy” boyfriend issue as well before. In other words, only being treated as I mattered when THAT person wanted to show me off when it was convenient for them. Than there was the psycho broad 4 years ago. We’ve all had that one in our lifetime, one who pretty much does anything for attention, like threatening to harm themselves not because they suffer from mental issues, but because they are looking for attention due to you having a prior engagement & not postponing the important issue for them. And we don’t need to get into the last relationship, for obvious reasons as we know the story there.


All serious relationships, all ones I got out of. But was I too “nice”? As stated before, this might be a guy who has moments where random dirty jokes fly out of my mouth, swear constantly, but I am who I am because I have morals, standards. Not high ones, but ones built upon a rock of life. I stand by those. If people can’t understand that, oh well. We’re all human. I just choose to build my life upon a foundation of rock, not of sand. Build your life on sand, & it shall sink. Build it upon a rock, & your strengths will persevere through time.


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