Radio Industry Hijinks…..

So, about half an hour ago, I was delighted to a phone call from a listener, and in shoot form…I must post about it. Not because it made laugh in a good way, but in a “shake-my-head disappointingly” way.

A person decided to call and ask if they could speak to Keith Urban. When I proceeded to tell them this is a station ran on satellite and we don’t have anyone IN STUDIO…what do you think the next thing was out of their mouth? If you guessed “Ok, not a problem”…congrats…you are WRONG! The next question WAS…and I quote…”Can I speak to Keith Urban? Do you have his phone number?”

Ok, let me get this out there. We are an independently-owned station in the middle of a backwoods town. We stream our programming like any other independent, through a feed that is in a big time city. The only time anyone is on the air over here is mid-day, and that is only our Operations Manger, for a 3 hour time frame. Second, I HIGHLY DOUBT ANY SORT OF CELEBRITY would make the rounds to this station. The big name musicians only go for the big name towns and the big name stations, the most we get are up and comers or even locals trying to get a career started, even one-time big names, not any star power artists though. Third, what makes you think that because I run audio I know Mr. Urban’s phone number? Nice try…and it gets better.

Not even 10 seconds after I hang up…the phone rings yet again. Same person, disguising their voice…asking me if I can hear them sing a song!!! Sorry, twice in a minute you call, I am on to you…and I know where this one is headed. I have been around the block. I am a fan of prank calls, not to mention used to do them in college back in the “day”, seems like you are pranking…grounds for an immediate phone drop. Must be a post-Thanksgiving Sunday craziness going on. But I am on to you…do know that one.