Winter weather….yikes!

So for those of you who follow this blog, be it on Facebook or Twitter through my links, or even who found it through my tags, you might notice I live in New York. Right in the middle, the heart and the soul of the Finger Lakes region. It’s a really nice place at times. However, the Wintertime is a bitch. Since Thursday, we have had random snowfall, nothing like that storm New York City got a couple of days ago, but something like that. There are a few things though that grind my gears about this time of the year. And after some debate, I decided to state my case about this area.

The drivers themselves

Now these people do piss me off royally. There is a reason that the state has SPEED LIMIT SIGNS all over the place. I mean, sure, the State speed limit might say 55 miles per hour when you are travelling the backroads. BUT, in this kind of weather, and especially this time of the year, is it truly necessary to do so? The other day, near my area of residence, there were two accidents, one of them both drivers lost their lives. The reason? People lost control of their vehicles. The roads are truly slippery this time of the year. Most people though think that the snow tires on their cars are fine and are ok to go speeding in at this time of the year, but just wait until they come across that patch of black ice of that rough sheet of snow covering the road. There are always jokes about how us New Yorkers like to “bring on the snowfall” while we drive, but once that accident occurs with us behind the wheel, or to someone close to us, it becomes a whole different story.

The Town highway people

There are plenty of reasons the towns we live in have highway vehicles. To check on building ordinances, properties to make sure we aren’t over-stepping our boundaries, but another thing they are here to do is to plow our roads and make them safe for us to drive this time of the year. Driving into the ever-oh-so-popular radio station this morning, the roads were pathetic. Shit. Garbage. We didn’t get his with much snow last night, maybe less than 1/2 of an inch if anything, but still. The point is, there is slush all over the roads. Three towns to be exact that I have to cross to get to this place. A 20 minute drive that took over an hour and 15 because the roads looked whiter than white. The highway plows need to get on the ball and do their jobs so us people can avoid accidents or near-accidents!