I’m lucky to be living right now

I’m lucky to be typing this today.


No, really…I’m lucky to be typing this today. Three weeks ago, I might have not seen today. There could have been a possibility that my life might have ended between January 27th, and today. Or even the chance that it might have been on the verge of slowly ending.


WHY am I saying this? Well first, let me backtrack to January 26th. 2:35 in the morning.


For starters, my kidneys were in a slight amount of pain that morning. But the most pain was closer to my abdomen, more along the lower area. Slightly swollen. It had been like that before, but not as bad as it was that day. Ever. Being that early in the morning, I couldn’t call in to work, as nobody was there until the three openers (myself one of them), arrived. Luckily, it was a short shift that morning & I told myself “I’ll see how it goes after I get out, go from there”. I only had until 12:30 until I had to go to my other job. After getting out, I was fine for a while, but then it started to bother me. and not just a small amount…quite a bit. Taking no chances, I went to urgent care.


Arriving there, it was a case of that bothersome swollen lump in that certain area and my kidneys. 45 minutes later, the doctor saw me. Not as much worried about the kidneys (because let’s face it, if you have kidney pains…cranberry juice can help only SOOOOOO much), the doctor saw me and said those words you dread to hear… “Get over to the ER right now”.


Inguinal hernia was the diagnosis. Nothing easy to just pop back into place either. Surgery was required, but they waited until the next morning to do so.


Now the surgery itself was ridiculous. Anesthesia took quite a while to kick in, and once I was knocked out…I didn’t want to wake up. Oh, I did when I was in recovery…but, I kept drifting between the awake and unconscious zone.


My doctor told me some things though, that made me think about life. This hernia problem that I had, was really bad. A nice gash right below my intestine that caused it to drop down and wrap itself around my lower regions (I’m trying to keep this clean peeps). And in the process, it was trying to close up while the intestine had dropped down there. Seal the gap, cause the intestine to shut and lose functions and form a blockage. In other words, had I not gone to get it checked out, things could have been much worse than they originally were, and would have been.


I avoided death, and did so by getting it checked when I felt it was too much to handle.


The last 3 weeks have been struggles indeed. Almost 2 weeks to not walk hunched over. Walking is at an awkward stance due to my surgery (that swelling in the area that was operated on hurts like a mofo yo, walking straight causes pain still). Normal house stairs take 2 minutes for me to walk up instead of the normal 30 seconds. My normal routines for the moment involve just putting dishes away one at a time and sitting down to fold laundry. Bending down? Yeah, right. That’s taking longer to do due to the healing process…I can’t even bend down to pick my 5 pound dog up, that’s how crazy it is! No bending down, no heavy lifting (surprisingly, my pommie is too much at 5 pounds though, don’t get it).


But pretty much, I’m lucky to be typing this today. Still some small pain from recovery, but lucky to be blogging this. If you ever feel anything strange or any sort of pain, don’t wait until the last minute to go to urgent care people, it may be too late before you know it.